Friday, June 13, 2008

Review: Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton

Just Desserts
By Barbara Bretton

My Rating:
3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars

Legendary rocker Tommy Stiles just found out he is the father of the 38 year old baker/cake decorator, Hayley Goldstein. Finn Rafferty, longtime friend and lawyer for Tommy, goes to check Hayley out under the guise of hiring her to make a cake for an after show party. Unfortunately for Finn, he didn't plan on falling in love with her. How will Hayley, a independent but struggling businesswoman & mother of a fourteen year old, deal with this life altering news?

This is the first book I've read by Barbara Bretton and I have to admit, I picked it up due to the fact that it took place in New Jersey (yes, I am a Jersey girl). But truthfully, I really enjoyed this story. The writing is realistic with a little fairy tale thrown in to make it interesting. All of the characters are extremely well developed and you can't help but like the main character. This story is a great portrayal of the problems that arise when two adults with their own families and responsibilities fall in love with each other.

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