Monday, June 16, 2008

Review: Shop till You Drop by Elaine Viets

Shop till You Drop
by Elaine Viets

My Rating:
3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars3 1/2 stars

Running from her ex-husband & the St. Louis legal system, Helen Hawthorne flees to Southern Florida. Unfortunately, the only place where she can find a job is at Juliana's, a snooty and exclusive clothing boutique with sizes too small for her and prices way too high. Despite the snobbery, Helen actually begins to enjoy working at Juliana's until she finds out her boss is engaging in a multitude of illegal activities, ranging from skimming the books to drug dealing. It gets even worse when murder is added to the equation. Now Helen is forced to find the killer before the secrets of her past are revealed.

This is a great start to the Dead-end Job series. The heroine, Helen, is a funny & intelligent woman stuck in a bad situation. If you've ever suffered the indignity of working in a retail job, you can probably relate to poor Helen's plight. In addition, there's a bevy of zany characters throughout the story to keep it moving, from the parrot-toting Peggy to purple-clad Margery. I'm looking forward to good things in the rest of the Dead-end Job series.

Books in the Dead-end Job series listed in order:

  1. Shop till You Drop
  2. Murder Between the Covers
  3. Dying to Call You
  4. Just Murdered
  5. Murder Unleashed
  6. Murder with Reservations
  7. Clubbed to Death

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Ladytink_534 said...

I used to read a blog that she contributed to. I still haven't read any of her books but I like her "voice".